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Texas Red Entertainment specializes in delivering a variety of different type of gameshows that will challenge and entertain your customers.


We will work with you to find just the right gameshow for your venue as well as a host who will fit the demographic of your customer base.


Our team of highly professional and entertaining hosts, including Texas Red herself, deliver game shows such as:

  • Trivia - A slide presentation is displayed on your televisions or using one of our projectors throwing up a big display on your wall. This gives your customers something to visualize as well as listen to.

  • Name That Tune Bingo - Bingo cards, daubers and musical song clips make this one of our most entertaining games that in some cases attracts hundreds of customers a night.

  • Game Show Night - This game features a slideshow with four of your favorite daytime gameshow themes.

  • Dirty Wordy - This is an adult themed show which will always has people hootin' & hollerin'.

  • Customized Shows - We can also provide custom themed games depending upon your needs. These are always great for birthday parties and special events.

  • Much More - We also offer more traditional entertainment such as poker and Karaoke.

Loose Screw Summer Lovin NTT Bingo 8-23-22 Post
Suds Monkey Legends NTT Bingo 8-27-22 Post
Trivia Topics Week of 7-24-22 Post
Whitestone Happy NTT BIngo 8-26-22 Event
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